Upcycling furniture and interior furnishings


We are not a factory, but a craft workshop: we focus on individual, unique copies.


We use a variety of materials: wood, steel, resin, salvaged materials, neglected items.


We combine recycling with crafts. We save old equipment, assign to it new functions and give a second life.


Upcycling is the idea of transforming useless, or unwanted objects into new materials or products of better quality. Wood from a dismantled old shed, metal parts from broken machines, a wardrobe with a broken door – all these can become the building material for an entirely new thing. Final products of our makeovers include new tables, lamps and other home décor items.

Our furniture is not flawless because it cannot be like that. Imperfection is an integral element of working with used things – steel can be rusty, wood has scratches, holes and nicks. We try to highlight the evidence of earlier use, make the new object to convey the previous story. Imperfection becomes a quality that emphasises character and uniqueness.

Creative ideas and an unconventional approach supported by craftsmanship allow us to create functional and beautiful objects thanks to their twofold history.